Plays for Production

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Full-Length Plays

Child of Conscience PLAY


1 man — 28 years old
1 woman — mid 20’s
1 girl — 10 years old

David Sacks, a 28-year-old rising executive of a multinational corporation in NYC lives a very private life with his precocious 10-year-old sister, Carrie, whom he keeps hidden in his apartment. When David falls in love with a young woman from work, his secret life with Carrie begins to unravel. In this surprising and deeply touching drama of love, guilt, and forgiveness, playwright Sandra Cavanaugh illuminates the tragedy of the painful choices that sadly, one day, we may all have to face.

Avatara PLAY


6 Women — 18 to 70 years old
7 Men — 19 to Mid-40’s

In the course of 10 minutes one morning, 12 people are miraculously drawn to the house of a young college professor named Michael Fisher. They have come from all over the country, from vastly different walks of life and spiritual backgrounds, yet they all look to Michael as their spiritual teacher. Michael has been running from this responsibility his entire life, even though it was predicted during a childhood encounter with an angel in his sandbox.

Despite his fears, Michael struggles to lead his 12 unlikely housemates through a series of miracles and misunderstandings on their journey to enlightenment. But when Michael’s special abilities are exposed to the outside world, egos and ideologies threaten to tear the fragile group apart and perhaps destroy their — and our — perceptions and preconceptions about life, salvation, miracles, and the very nature of the universe as we now it.

Fault Line PLAY


3 Women — 1 70-something, 2 late 20’s to 30
2 Men — 1 70-something, 1 26-year-old
3 Male Extras — 30’s to 50’s

The Setting
The play takes place in the home of Jake and Maggie Callahan in Beverly, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, as well as in a visitation room at the Pontiac Correctional Facility. The action occurs through the course of eight days from January 11 through January 19, 2003.

The History
In January of 2000, Illinois George Ryan stayed enforcement of the death penalty, pending an investigation into the state’s corrupt judicial and penal system. On January 11, 2003, just days before leaving office, Ryan commuted the sentences of 167 death row inmates to life in prison.

The Play
Fault Line is a work of fiction about the consequences of Ryan’s decision in the lives of the Callahan family. Maggie Callahan is a devoted wife and mother of two children, Karen (age 28) and Ricky (age 26). Maggie is a strong woman who has always taken care of her family and loves her husband and her children unconditionally. Ricky has been on death row at Pontiac for five years when his sentence is commuted to life in prison. While being taken off death row puts Ricky one step closer to freedom, it also puts him in immediate and eminent danger. Love, faith, truth, and her darkest fears are all challenged as Maggie’s struggles to protect and save her son in the best way she knows how.

One Acts and 10-Minute Plays


Children’s Plays


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