Whether keynotes, workshops, or extended training, Sandra creates
highly customized, interactive learning experiences that transform
perspectives and empower her audience to take inspired action.

  • Notice and nurture the brilliance in yourself and those around you
  • Experience more clarity and confidence in everything you do
  • Transform obstacles into opportunities and limitations into inspiration
  • Live and lead with compassionate accountability
  • Turn your ideas into outcomes and fear into courageous action
  • Make the difference you were born to make in this world
Sandra Cavanaugh Keynote Speaker


SPONTANEOUS BRILLIANCE: Expect, respect, and maximize the genius in yourself and all those around you

FINDING YOUR BLISS: Discovering the power of the purpose that you came here to share

DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Unleashing the genius in those with cognitive disabilities

MASTERFUL LEADERSHIP: The art of leveraging brilliance

MANIFESTING MIRACLES: The five steps to conscious creation

YOUR COCKTAIL OF CREATIVE GENIUS: Learn the recipe for igniting your own brilliant creative process

PREDICTIVE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: Solve your problems and stop crises before they occur

THE ART OF UNCONDITIONAL COMMITMENT: How to stay committed even through darker times

INSTANT RESILIENCE: How to instantly pivot, innovate, & exceed expectations in times of crisis and uncertainty

Sandra’s Signature Programs

Spontaneous Brilliance

“Unleash the Power of Your Unique Creative Genius!”

Sandra uses techniques developed over 35 years as an award-winning professional director, actor, writer, producer, and master acting and improvisation teacher, to provide profound wisdom and deceptively simple strategies for  expecting, respecting, and maximizing the unique creative genius in ourselves and in all those around us.​ With her signature Metaphorical, Metaphysical Guide To Life, Sandra provides playful and powerful techniques for creating a purposeful, passion-driven life.

Predictive Management Solutions

Predictive Management Solutions

Solving Your Problems Before They Occur

Predictive Management Solutions provides business leaders and team members with the easy, actionable techniques, and strategies for:

creative problem solving        authentic communication 

      proactive collaboration      compassionate accountability

        rapid transformation            mission-driven innovation.

Maximize the potential of each and every member of your team.

The Art of Unconditional Commitment

A compassionate, practical guide to surviving and thriving in
your relationships through times of crisis and challenge.

The Art of Unconditional Commitment began as a practical guide for parenting children adopted from foster care that was based on Sandra’s own remarkable journey with her daughters. Though Sandra still regularly speaks to and coaches parents, she has also expanded the program to apply her 10 Keys to Unconditional Commitment to heal strained relationships in families, business, and beyond.