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SPONTANEOUS BRILLIANCE Podcast with Sandra Cavanaugh

Join the conversation!

This is a new kind of podcast – one that features you.

It’s time to Step In to the greater life that is calling you!


With “Stepping In,” it is my intent to open dialogue around big questions.  This is a forum to explore all the ways in which we can step in, fully and completely, to our role on the great stage of life!

The world we live in is teeming with seemingly insurmountable problems, shortages, catastrophes, conflicts, injustices, and unknowns.  We face so many challenges and their, as yet, unimagined solutions.

But here’s the great part: everything and everyone we need to solve all of our challenges and answer every unanswered question is right here.

Our challenges come not from a lack of answers, but from a lack of people offering the answers they already have and a resistance to accepting the answers that are being offered.

STEPPING IN Podcast with Sandra Cavanaugh

So this is me inviting you, to offer away!!!!

Come join in the dialogue, the discussion, the conversation on “Stepping In.”

I’m inviting you!

Yes, you!

“Stepping In” is intended as a place where we can talk authentically and openly about the challenges, blessings, contradictions, and conundrums that we are all dancing with in our daily lives.  In “Stepping In” there is no right answer, but there are lots of lovely, inspiring, and challenging questions that can open us up to the field of infinite possibilities.

This is a new podcast and so it will take time to evolve to the full blown level of conversation that I imagine. We’ll start with conversations with people whose minds, hearts and souls intrigue or inspire me, but once we’re started, then all bets are off! Then it’s up to you.

When you hear a topic on Stepping In or you see something in the world or you experience and inspiration that you want to talk about, come on the podcast and let’s talk about it.

Eventually my vision is that we will have all kinds of discussions, group discussions 5 – 8 – 10 people, maybe even a panel with a whole virtual studio audience asking questions and discussing topics that they share an interest in.   The sky is the limit.  The point is that in order to solve the lack of communication that is running rampant in society, we need to start communicating. We need to start talking with each other instead of at and around each other.

There is just one caveat, the conversation must remain open and judgement free.  We were all born for this time.  We are all here for a reason.  It’s time to step into the role that we came here to play on the great stage of life.  And it’s time to remember that we are all in this together.

The way you join in to Stepping In is simple —
to be on the podcast, email

Let me know what it is that you want to talk about.  You and I will do a short pre-conversation so that we can get to know each other a bit and then, we’ll get a time scheduled to do a podcast conversation.  If you hear a conversation that you want to be a part of, let me know and we’ll find a way to let you join in.  If you have a question that you want to ask a particular guest, let me know.  If you have an answer or an insight on an issue we are discussing, please share it. Don’t be shy, now is your time! Let’s chat!

Stepping In Podcast

Just to get your mental juices flowing… These are some of the initial discussion questions I will ask my guests:

The Topics and Questions

1.) What do you view as the 3 biggest challenges that we face in our world today?

2.) What do you feel are the three greatest untapped resources or solutions that could be in play to solve those challenges?

3.) How can each of us be part of shifting the paradigm?  

  • What is our  Response-Ability?  (E+R=O  Event plus response equals outcome… what does that mean to you?
  • What is our Role as Conscious Creators?  (Conscious Creator.. what does that mean to you?)
  • What role does our imagination plays in creating our world?
  • “Nothing happens to us  – everything happens for us.”  (What does that mean to you?

4.) What are we shifting the paradigm to?  What is the better – best outcome?

  • Is individual Bliss the goal?
  • Is there such a thing as collective Bliss?
  • Is this an individualized experience – or a collective experience – or both?