Meet Our Team


Sandra Cavanaugh

Founder & CEO

Sandra is an award winning, 35 year veteran of the entertainment industry as a Writer, Director, Actress, Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, Artistic Director, and Teacher of acting and improvisation.  Sandra has been teaching since 1986 and has taught students from preschoolers to PhDs in Universities, conservatories, and public schools across the country.  Sandra is a recognized and sought after specialist in creativity, communication, imagination, and innovation and the bestselling author of Spontaneous Brilliance. But much more importantly, Sandra is the very proud mother of five remarkable daughters.  Sandra’s personal journey as a mother has made her a fierce advocate for children in foster care, adoption, children’s mental health, FASD, Autism, Neurodiversity, LGBTQ rights, and creativity in education. Read More

“I love seeing the light brighten in a person’s eyes when they see themselves being recognized, seen, and heard, fully in that moment.  Spontaneous Brilliance is more to me than a book, a company, or even a philosophy… it is a dream that I hold for a day when every single human being feels respected and recognized a unique being with a valued and precious brilliance that they bring to this world.”


Kayla Singh Griffin

Chief Operating Officer

Kayla Singh Griffin is a Jack of all trades. She has multiple master’s degrees covering everything from Communication to Fine Arts. Kayla does all the high-level strategic planning for Spontaneous Brilliance and is an expert in brand development, brand management, marketing, and public relations. Her passion is telling people’s stories, whether it is through strategic planning support or through painting. Outside of work, she is a published poet and a painter whose work has been all over the world. Kayla is married to her best friend and together they rescue abused animals ranging from dogs to rats!

“Spontaneous Brilliance is a life-changing philosophy. I have so many master’s degrees because I kept feeling I needed to prove I am smart enough and worthy enough to live my dreams. Spontaneous Brilliance helped me find that self-worth inside. My only complaint is that the book wasn’t written until after I finished multiple degrees!”



Michelle Oneida

Producing Director

Since she was a child, Michelle Oneida has lived by the tenants of Spontaneous Brilliance. She started as the ”teaching toddler” of her mother, Sandra Cavanaugh’s, classroom and followed after her into careers in both theater and teaching. Michelle is an autistic actress, writer, and producer who also spends much of her time working as an educator at EcoVivarium Reptile Sanctuary. She lives in San Diego with her wife, 3 cats, and 7 lizards.

“Having spent a great deal of time fighting to fit into an education system that did not work for me, I strive to bring the tools of Spontaneous Brilliance into every classroom I enter.”


Vicki Anne Crane

Editorial Director

Vicki Anne Crane loves reptiles, succulents, and the Oxford comma. They are a developmental editor, as well as publisher and CEO of Miracle Publishing Group, and they are very, very bad at juggling. Currently, they reside in San Diego with their wife and husband in a house that may or may not collapse under the weight of 10,000 books.

“As a neurodivergent person, I have spent so much of my life struggling to be heard, understood, and valued without compromising myself. Spontaneous Brilliance is like peering through the keyhole into a world people like me deserve to grow up inall we have to do is open the door.”



Lea Mae Berendez

Marketing Director

A proficient Facebook Ads specialist and Digital Marketing expert, Lea Mae Berendez specializes in collaborating with diverse clients, ranging from coaches to small and medium-sized business owners, offering tailored solutions to meet their unique needs. Fueled by a strong belief in integrity, excellence, passion, and purpose, she brings a strategic and results-driven approach to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

“Spontaneous Brilliance aligns with my core values and the advocacy I support. To be able to show the world that each of us has YOUnique talents and capabilities that contribute to making this world a better place. I believe in inclusivity, creativity and innovation. Each one of us has our own genius and together, we will unleash that to create an impactful and meaningful life.”


Jeriza Uy

Design Director

Jeriza holds a BS from Ateneo de Davao University as well as a variety of certifications in web and graphic design.  She has a lot of passions including: Design, Sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Football), Modeling, Family and her DOG & CATS (Tyler, Holly & Chance). Jeriza has worked with Sandra and Spontaneous Brilliance for many years and is intensely passionate about helping others to accomplish their goals.

“Spontaneous Brilliance captures those awesome and inspiring moments when creativity strikes without warning and and definitely produces remarkable outcomes. It’s like watching fireworks unexpectedly light up the night sky, each burst a testament to the power of unfettered imagination. Whether it’s a sudden stroke of artistic inspiration, a flash of problem-solving creativity, or an impromptu display of wit, spontaneous brilliance adds a touch of magic to our lives, reminding us of the boundless potential within us all.”