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Unleash the Power of Your Unique Creative Genius

The Mission of Sandra Cavanaugh and Spontaneous Brilliance®

To create a world of loving, conscious creators where EVERYONE’s unique creative genius is recognized, acknowledged, shared, and respected in our hearts, homes, classrooms, companies, and communities regardless of our age, education, or perceived abilities.

An expert in the field of creativity, imagination, and innovation, Sandra has coached and taught thousands of successful “Conscious Creators” including Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Actors, Thought Leaders, Writers, Speakers, Students, Parents, Artists and Educators. 

Unleash the Power of Your Unique Creative Genius!

There is no shortage of Brilliance on this planet, just a reluctance to offer it and a resistance to accepting it.

Sandra Cavanaugh

Three Ways to Work With Sandra

Programs for Individuals


One-on-On Coaching, Group Coaching, Online Courses to help you:

  • discover your passion and purpose
  • free yourself from fear
  • embrace commitment
  • recognize, ignite, and express your unique creative genius
  • and develop the specific skills, strategies, and practices you need to turn your creative dreams and visions into practical realities.
Programs for Businesses / Organizations


Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Consulting Programs, and Scenario-Based Training for Education & Business

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Transforming cultures in classrooms and corporations with customized consulting programs designed to enhance creativity, collaboration, compassion and communication.

Hire Sandra to Speak


Sandra Cavanaugh inspires imagination, empowers creativity, and ignites brilliance.

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Whether keynotes, workshops or extended training, Sandra creates a highly customized, interactive learning experience that transforms perspectives and empowers her audience to take inspired action.

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