About Spontaneous Brilliance


           To create a world of loving, conscious creators where EVERYONE’s unique creative genius is recognized, acknowledged, shared, and respected in our hearts, homes, classrooms, companies, and communities regardless of our age, education, or perceived abilities.


          Spontaneous Brilliance isn’t just a catchy title; it’s the mission we’ve taken upon ourselves to help create a world where everyone’s unique creative genius is both shared and respected regardless of age, education, or perceived ability. It is our firm belief that everyone really is a genius in 7 billion entirely unique ways, and that includes you!

          Now, being brilliant is the easy part. How? You already are! So what’s stopping you from sharing it? As a child, you existed spontaneously, living moment to carefree moment. Sharing your creativity with the world around you was as effortless as breathing. But then came a lifetime of broken systems teaching conformity instead of creativity. Those systems have been perpetuated for generations, effectively training not only the spontaneity out of us, but the heart of our creativity.

          Sandra has helped countless people break out of a cycle of conformity and into a playground of infinite possibilities. Her brilliance exists in helping other people discover theirs.

         Each member of our team is a dedicated, brilliant artist and entrepreneur in their own right.  Together we are a passionate and dedicated team here to help get Sandra’s wisdom and teachings into your hands, hearts and minds.

      —————–     – Vicki Anne Crane

      ———————     EDITORIAL DIRECTOR

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