Olympia Dukakis

“I love Sandy! She is a wise woman. Not only is she a brilliant writer and director in her own right,
but she is a truly gifted teacher and communicator that inspires and guides her students and
colleagues to express themselves genuinely and authentically from the depths of their soul.”

Olympia Dukakis
Academy Award Winning Actress


Unleash the Power of Your
Unique Creative Genius

“If you have been waiting in the wings of your own life
wondering how or if you could ever find a way to bring your
passion from deep inside you to creative fruition — your wait is over!
Spontaneous Brilliance is here!”

Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times best-selling author,
Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul


Is this YOU?

Have you been hiding in plain sight with a brilliant idea, book, message, solution, or innovation locked inside you or sitting dormant on a shelf?

Have you almost given up on that passion that you can feel inside because others might think it’s crazy, or you’re afraid it’s not good enough?

Are you ready to move from thinking, wondering, and worrying to doing, celebrating, and creating?

Are you tired of having your thoughts and ideas disregarded, undervalued, and ignored by those around you, and maybe even by yourself?

Are you a little unsure of your true passion and purpose and even more uncertain of how to bring it to fruition?

​Are you afraid it’s just too late for you to fulfill your dreams and live a life of authentic success?

3 Ways to Work with Sandra:

Programs for Individuals

Programs for Individuals

One-on-On Coaching, Group Coaching, Online Courses to help you:

  • discover your passion and purpose
  • free yourself from fear
  • embrace commitment
  • recognize, ignite, and express your unique creative genius
  • and develop the specific skills, strategies, and practices you need to turn your creative dreams and visions into practical realities.
Programs for Businesses / Organizations

Programs for Businesses & Organizations

Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Consulting Programs, and Scenario-Based Training

— — —

Customized programs to turn leaders and their teams into expert Communicators, Collaborators, and Innovators.

Hire Sandra to Speak

Hire Sandra to Speak

Sandra Cavanaugh inspires imagination, empowers creativity, and ignites brilliance.

— — —

Whether keynotes, workshops or extended training, Sandra creates a highly customized, interactive learning experience that transforms perspectives and empowers her audience to take inspired action.

“There is no shortage of Brilliance on this planet,
just a reluctance to offer it and a resistance to accepting it.”

~ Sandra Cavanaugh

An expert in the field of creativity, imagination, and innovation,
Sandra has coached and taught thousands of successful “Conscious Creators”
including Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Actors, Thought Leaders,
Writers, Speakers, Students, Parents, Artists and Educators.  
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Sandra’s Signature Programs

Spontaneous Brilliance

“Unleash the Power of Your Unique Creative Genius!”

Sandra uses techniques developed over 35 years as an award-winning professional director, actor, writer, producer, and master acting and improvisation teacher, to provide profound wisdom and deceptively simple strategies for  expecting, respecting, and maximizing the unique creative genius in ourselves and in all those around us.​ With her signature Metaphorical, Metaphysical Guide To Life, Sandra provides playful and powerful techniques for creating a purposeful, passion-driven life.

Spontaneous Brilliance with Sandra Cavanaugh
Predictive Management Solutions

Predictive Management Solutions

Solving Your Problems Before They Occur

Predictive Management Solutions provides business leaders and team members with the easy, actionable techniques and strategies for:

creative problem solving        authentic communication 

      proactive collaboration      compassionate accountability

        rapid transformation            mission-driven innovation.

Maximize the potential of each and every member of your team.

The Art of Unconditional Commitment

“A compassionate, practical guide to surviving and thriving in
your relationships through times of crisis and challenge.

The Art of Unconditional Commitment began as a practical guide for parenting children adopted from foster care, that was based on Sandra’s own remarkable journey with her daughters.  Though Sandra still regularly speaks to and coaches parents, she has also expanded the program to apply her 10 Keys to Unconditional Commitment to heal strained relationships in families, business and beyond.

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